Committee Members: committee for the propositions of peace
Committie for the propositiones of peace

The estates nominates the marques of Argyle, the erles of Mershell, Mar, Mortoun, Glencairne, Pearth, Dumfermeling, Roxburghe, Lanerke, Callender, the lords Ballmerino and Burghly for the noblemen, the lairds of Halkertoun, Wairistoun, Gairthland, Toftis, Carnocke, Ballhoussie, Coudoune, Cambuskenneth, Litleprestoun, Craigivar, Grenocke and Pitarro for the barrones, Sir Johne Smyth, the comissioneres of Pearthe, Dundie, Abirdene, Lithgow, St Androw, Glasgow, Couper, Montroise, Drumfreis, Dumbartane and Bamff for the burrowes (or ony fyfteine of them, ther being four of every estat) to be ane committee, to whom or ther quorum the estates gives power and warrand to consider wpoun the articles of the propositiones of peace, and to report to the parliament.

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