Proclamation: rendezvouz of troops at Kelso
Proclamatione for the commanderes and officers wnder the erle of Callenderes chairge

The estates of parliament, now presently conveend be vertew of the last act of the last parliament haldine be his matie and the thrie estates in anno 1641, considdering that the erle of Callender, lieutennent generall, is with all diligence this eftirnone to repaire to the army at Kelso, therfore these are to command and chairge all commanderes and officeres quhatsomevir, both horse and foot, (except these who are memberes of parliament who are not to goe bot as they shall gett orderes with there haill regimentes, companies and troupes) wndir the paine of death to be at the randevous at Kelso at the tymes falloweing, viz: the troupes and horsemen the morne at eight houres in the morneing, and the foote the morne at night, being the tuelfe of this instant of Junii, as they love the good of the commone cause, peace and saifty of the kingdome; and ordeanes the samene to be intimat at the croce of Edinburghe presently be ane lyoun herauld be sound of trumpet.

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