Declaration: concerning the lieutenant general's commission
Declaratione for the erle of Callender anent his acceptinge of the commissione

Forsameikle as the paper wnderwrittin givine in for the erle of Callender, lord lieutenuent generall, quherof the tennor fallowes: The erle of Callender accepted of the commissione to be lieutennent generall wndir conditione that no persone soevir be interposit or have precedency in command betuixt him and the lord generall in the armies and forces leveyed or to be leaveyed be the kingdome of Scotland in or without the samene and imployed in this commoun cause within Scotland or England. Being publictly red in audience of the estates of parliament, now presently conveind be vertew of the last act of the last parliament haldine be his matie and the thrie estates in anno 1641, the saids estates of parliament agried to the samene as being trewly expressed be the said erle of Callender the tyme of his acceptatione to be leutennent generall, and ordeanes this act to be extracted and delyvered to the said erle of Callender heirwpoun.

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