Prayeres said, rolles called.

Act and proclamatione chairgeing the severall committies of warr to send tuo of there nomber, with ther clerke, to the parliament with there recordis, actis and orderes of there committies

The estates of parliament, be vertewe of the last act of the last parliament haldine be his matie and thrie estates in anno 1641, considering that forsameikle as be orderes from the conventione of estates it was appoynted that the haill severall shyres should put out in this expedition the just halfe of the nomber of horse and foot laid wpoun them to be put out in the former expeditione, with tuentie dayes provisione, wnder the paine of four hundreth merkes for ilke horseman wanting and ane hundreth punds for ilke footman wanting, to be payed be the heritors, lyferenteres and otheres adebted in payment therof, and that the committie of ilke shyre should be ansuerable therfore and send ane of there owne nomber to give ane accompt therof to the committie of estates at ane certane day bygone. And accordingly, severall orderes being sent to the committie of warr of ilke shereffdome, notwithstanding wherof the committies foirsaidis hes altogidder neglected to put out the just halfe of the nomber of horse and foot foirsaid or make report conforme to the saidis orderes, and therfore the estates of parliament foirsaid ordeanes and commands messingeres of armes to pas and chairge the haill committies of warr of the saidis haill shereffdomes and ther clerkes be oppine proclamatione at ther severall mercat croces of the head burghes of ilke shyre to send tuo of ther nomber, with ther clerke and the recordis of there actes and orderes, to compeir before the saids estates of parliament, if they be sitting, and failzieing thereof, before the committie of estates that shall be appoynted for the tyme, wpoun the [...] day of [...], to ansuer wpoun ther disobedience of the saidis orderes, and to heir and sie them decerned to make payment of ane hundreth pundis for ilke footman and four hundreth merkes for ilke horseman not put out be them as said is, and to heir farder course takine theranent as the saidis estates of parliament or ther committies shall thinke fiting, and that they compeir wnder the paine of rebellione and puting of them to the horne. With certificatione to them and they failzie letters shall be direct simply to put them therto etc. and the saidis committies to have ther releife off the heritors and otheres subject in payment.

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