Act anent the tuo commissiones for the sherreffdome of Lanerke

Forsameikle as there being tuo commissiones produced in parliament for the sherefdome of Lanerke, the ane therof granted to Sir Williame Carmichaell and James Hammiltoun of Dallserfe, and the other to Sir James Lockhart of Ley and James Hammiltoun, younger, of Midhallis2, quhilke being both red in audience of parliament and thereftir the commissioneres hinc inde hard viva voce anent quhilke of them should be preferred and admitted as commissionares for ther shyre, the estates of parliament allowes and approves the foirsaid commissione granted to the saids Sir Williame Carmichaell and James Hammiltoune of Dallserffe as the first of the saids tua commissiones producit.

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