Prayeres said, rolles called.

Procedure: protests over precedency

The erle of Callender protested that the enrolling and calling of the erle of Levine before him should not prejudge him of his dew place of precedencie.

Maister James Baird, advocat, in name of the erle of Levine, protested in the contrair.

Maister James Baird, for the erle of Dallhoussie, protested that the calling of the rolles and nameing of the erle of Lindesay before him should not prejudge him of his due place of precedencie to the erle of Lindesay.

Maister Thomas Nicolsone, advocat for the erle of Lindesay, protested in the contrair.

Procedure: ordering of the house
Articles anent the ordering of the house of parliament

The articles condischendit and agried wpoun in the last parliament for ordering of the house of parliament being red in audience of the estates of parliament now conveind, the estates, eftir voyceing, approves the samene with this additione: that they ordeane my lord register to be adjoyned to that article where it beires only thrie clerkes of parliament to be present.

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