Act in favors of Colonel Stuart

The estats haveing hard the desyre of Colonel William Stuart that he may uplift the rents of the lands of Bargalie and Barehoyis purchased be him frome John Maxuel of Drumcoltrum, and that in regarde the said colonel wes necessitat before the perfyting of the said suirties to goe to England with the armie, and now the said Johne Maxuel is gone to England with the earle of Montrose and darre not come in, and the terme of Whytsonday approaches when the saids lands most be sett and the dueties and rents therof uplifted, utherwayes the land will be layed waist, the estats, in regard of the said colonell his necessarie employment in England, allowis him or anie haveing his warrand to intromett with the rent of the saids lands of Bargaly and Barhoyis for the crop 1644, the said colonel finding caution for makeing the rents therof furthcommand to the publict as he sall be requyred.

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