Comission to the marquis of Argyle

The convention of estates taking into their consideration the oppen and avowed rebellioun of the marques of Huntlie, the lairdis of Haddo, Drum, Scheathin, Tippertie and otheris there complices to the subverting of religion and disturbing the peace of the kingdome, and finding it necessar that some forces, hors and foote, be leveyed and sent out for suppressing of this rebellioun, the actoris and assisteris therein, and secureing the peace of these bounds, and that some able and qualified person be made choise of to command the same in cheefe and all otheris forces in the north dureing this expedition, and haveing sufficient prooffe of the fidelitie, affection and abilities of Archibald, marques of Argile for that place, they have therefore, with advice and consent of James, earle of Callender, cheefe commander of all the horse and foote that are or sall be raised within the kingdome (in maner exprest in the commission given to him be the estates of the date of thir presents), nominated and heirby nominatis the said marques to be cheefe commander of all the forces, hors and foote, foresaid; and for that effect, with power to him, with advice of the committie of estates that is to goe alongis with him, to draw together the whole fensible men in the north as they sall think fitting for the service, and to pursue with fyre and suord and in all other hostilitie maner the saidis rebellis, their assisteris and suche as will not concurre against thame, and all declaired enemies to religion, his majesties honour and peace of this kingdome and excommunicat persons, and to demolishe and raze their houses, castles, toures and fortes so farre as he sall find expedient, and to doe everie other thing belonging to the said place whilk he is heirby to bruik with all the priveledges, prerogatives and dues belonging thereto, als fullie and freelie as anie cheefe commander of forces may doe, firme and stable holding and for to hold all and quhatsomever thingis sall be done be him in the execution of this commission, quhilk is to endure ay and quhill the same be recalled be the parliament, convention of estates or ther committees, to whome he is to be answerable and lyable according as he sall receave orderis.

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