Act in favors of John Slowan

At Edinburgh, the sixteene day of Aprile jM vjC fourtie foure yeeres, anent the supplication presented to the convention of estates be Johne Slowane and Adame Mitchelsone, merchants burgesses of Edinburgh, makand mention that where they haveing loadned the ship perteining to James Reddie, skipper in Bruntyland, fra Burdeaux in France with wynes, and in her voyage comeing for Scotland the said ship, with the haill wynes being thereintill, is takin at St Martins Yland in the moneth of Februarie last be Captane Johne Tisone of Dertmouth, who is imployed and direct out be his matie, and hes takin the said ship and wynes to Dertmouth, with the skipper and all his companie; whilk loadning of wynes extends to the soume of eighteene thousand ane hundreth tuentie foure pundis Scottis money as the pryce of ane hundreth and seven tunne of wyne coast be the supplicantis at the first adventure at Burdeaux, by and attour the said shipe and charges bestowed be the supplicantis. And sieing the said ship, companie and wynes is takin by his maties warrant be reason of the commoun cause now in hand, covenant and reformation, and that they have non to represent their hard conditioun and losse unto butt the said conventioun, to crave, as it is just and reasonable, that they may be payed and repaired of suche wrongis and skaith out of the first and readiest of his maties customes and rentis, humblee desyreing therefore the saidis estates to have consideration of the supplicantis distrest estate and to give warrand that they may be repaired and payed of the soume abovewrittin out of the first and readiest of his maties rents and customes, lykeas at mair lenth is conteaned in the said supplication. Whilk being read, heard and considered be the saidis estates, and they being therewith and with the recommendatione of the said petition made unto them be the committie of estates weill advised, the saidis estates declaires that his maties rentis, customes and casualiteis are and sall be lyable in payment to the supplicantis of what sall be found they have lost by the taking of their ship and goodis therin. Extractum de libris actorum conventionis per me.

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