Act anent servants

Forsamekle as the estates of this kingdome presentlie conveened, taking to their consideration the prejudice and henderance that formerlie occurred in the leveyes of the forces to the last expedition into England throw the base cariage of some servantis who, being enrolled in one parish, did furthwith upon some forged pretences remove frome thair maisteris to some other parish and thereby retard the leveyes, to the great prejudice of the service; for preventing quherof in tyme comeing, the estates ordaines all hyred servantis of all sortis to serve their maisteris for this present upon the same conditions as they have done formerlie, and not to remove nor leave there maisteris service without there consent in writt had and obteaned thereto, under the paine of fiftie pundis; and that no man quhatsoever resett thame in anie pairt of the kingdome without there maisteris consent, under the paine of ane hundreth pundis besyde suche farder punishement both to the servant and resetter as the comittie of the shyre sall think fitting; and ordaines thir presents to be printed [and] published at all the parish kirkis and mercat croces of the kingdome, wherethrow nane pretend ignorance of the same.

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