Act for demolisheing the castle of Dunbartan

The estates, considering that by act of the last parliament [the] fortification and strenth of the castle of Dunbartane were appoynted to be slighted, and that in such a tyme of troubles the same may prove more hurtfull (as formerlie it hes beene) then usefull to the countrie, doe therefore appoynt the same house and wallis and strenth thereof to be demolished and razed to the ground, and recommendis to Johne Semple, provest of Dumbartane, to sie this done. With power to him for this effect, to hyre quarrieris or anie other workmen necessar and, if anie refuise, to presse thame on reasonable conditions. And ordaines the comittie of estates to see the expenses heirof payed be the publict, and that the said Johne Semple tak some course to secure the cannon and carradges therof or anie other ammunition within the castle upon the publict charge.

  1. NAS. PA8/1, f.138r.