David Weimes2

Forsameikle as David Weemes, merchand in Dundie, did in the moneth of November 1642 sell to the lord generall for the use of the Scottis armie in Ireland foure hundreth tuentie six barrells of wheat at tuentie aught shilline sterline the barrell, extending both to seven hundreth elleven punds, eight shilline sterline, and receaved from William Thomson, commissar of the said armie, ane hundreth tuentie pund sterline in pairt of payment theirof, and the lord general gave him a bill for the remainder, extending to fyve hundreth fourescore eleven pund, eight shillin sterline, to be payed be the commissioneris then at Londoun out of the first moneyes to be receaved be thame for the use of the said armie, quhilk he hes not as yit receaved, as a testificat under the hand of the said William Thomeson, commissar of the said armie, shawin to the said convention of estates beares. And they finding it just and reasonable that the said David sould be satisfied of the remainder of the said soume, as for the price of the said victuall so seasonablie furnished to the said armie and yitt unpayed, doe theirfore declaire that the same is and sall remaine as a debt and burden to be payed out of the first end of the arreares due by the kingdome of England to the said armie in Ireland, with the annualrent due for the same frome the date of the order for payment, [and sall] be carefull to sie the same payed out of the first end of the saidis arreares that sall come for the said armie. And incaise the said David sall not receave payment that way, then and in that caise the estates of this kingdome doe declaire that upon assignation to be made to thame of the said soume and pairt of the arreares due therefore, the same, with the annualrent due for the not payment thereof, is and sall be a publict debt of this kingdome, and that the estates theirof and their committees sall be carefull to sie the same payed accordinglie.

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  2. An extract of this act can be found in NAS. PA6/8 at 2 February 1644.