Committee Members: committee for raising of a supply

The estates appoynts the earle of Glencairne, Lauderdaill, Burlie, Loure, Elibank, Dundas, Greenock, Halkertoun, Denmylne, Kemnay, Edinburgh, Aberdein, Dundie, Lithgow [and] Bruntyland (or anie seven, being tuo of everie estate, the chancellor being supernumerarie) to consider on the readiest meanes of present raiseing of tuentie thousand sterline (quherof ten to be sent to the armie in Ireland besydes fyve thousand bolls of meale to be bought and sent to them with the other fyve thousand bolls presentlie in Leith, and the other ten thousand pundis to be employed for the use of the armie in Ingland) upon publict or privat suretie, and the warrandice theirof, and to report.

  1. NAS. PA8/1, f.126r.