Precept to Robert Gordon

Forsamekle as Robert Gordoun, merchant in Air, hes, conforme to ane contract past betuix the estats of this kingdome and him on the fourth of August last, transported and delyvered in Ireland for the use of the Scottis armie there nyne hundreth fourtie ane bolls, tua furlottis [and] three peckis of meale, as the recept therof under the hand of Alexander Mure, ordinar receaver for the said armie, beires. As also the said Robert Gordoun and his partiner have transported and delyvered for the use of the said armie ane hundreth foure score nyne barrells of beanes at the pryce of auchteene shilline sterline the barrell, as ane other not of recept therof under the hand of the said Alexander Mure beares. And the estates considering that be contract they are bund to pay to the said Robert sixteene merkes for eache boll of the said meale at the terme of Candlemes now ensueing, togither with nyne score tuelffe punds for a quarteris annualrent of the same fra Martimes last to this Candlemes, and finding it just and reasonable that he sould be tymeouslie payed of the saids pryces of his meale and of the beanes transported be him as said is, and the compt of the haill being fitted be their warrand and extending in all to tuelff thousand, three hundreth and nyne punds, tuelffe shilline Scottis, theirfore the estates presentlie conveened gives heirby warrand and command to the general collector of the loane and his deputtis to pay and delyver to the said Robert Gordoun and Johne Fergusone, his partiner, the said soume of tuelfe thousand threttie nyne tuelfe2 shilline Scottis for the pryce of victuall furnished be him as said is, and that out of the first and readiest of the loane money not alreadie disposed of be publict warrand, quheranent thir presents with the parteis not of recept sall be their sufficient warrand.

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