Precept to Hew Kennedie

Forsamekle as Johne McAlmont, upon the elleventh of December 1642, obteined ane tickit of recept of ane hundreth threttein barrelles ry at aughteene shilling the barrell frome George Mure, leiuetenent colonell to the general's regiment in Ireland, quhilk recept and bill wes accepted be Johne Campbell, commissar deputt, as his testificat upon the tuentie six of the said moneth beires, and wherunto Hew Kennedie, late baillie of Air, and John Kennedie, his brother, ar assigneyes, as the assignation shawen to the convention of estates beires. And they haveing also seene the compt of the pryces of the said ry with ane yeeres annualrent, extending in all to ane thousand three hundreth and seventein pundis, auchteene shilline Scottis fitted and cleired by their owne order, and a testificat under the hand of Williame Thomsone, commissar of the armie, that they have not receaved payment thereof, therefore ordaneis the general collector of the loane and his deputtis to pay and delyver to the said Hew and Johne Kennedies the said soume of ane thousand three hundreth and seventeene punds, aughteene shilline Scottis as for the pryce of the said ry and annualrent foresaid out of the first and readiest of the loane moneyes not alreadie disposed of be publict warrand, quheranent thir presents with the parteis recept sall be their sufficient warrand.

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