Procedure: precept to Hugh Kennedy
Precept to Hew Kennedie

Forsamekle as the comittie of estates haveing employed Hew Kennedie, provest of Air, to hyre and furnish some ships for carieing of foure thousand bolls of meale to Ireland for the use of the Scotis armie there, and promised be their act to sie the charges he sould be putt to in keeping, embarking and transporting the said meale repayed to him, and he haveing now given this accompt theirof extending in all to elleventh hundreth, threttie fyve punds Scottis sixteene shilline, and the same being revised and sufficientlie instructed before be the convention, and they finding it reasonable that the same sould be payed, theirfore the convention of estates ordaines and comandis the Lord Humbie and Williame Thomesone, his deputt, to pey the said soume of elleventh hundreth, threttie fyve punds sixteene shilline to the said Hew Kennedie out of the readiest publict moneyis being in his hand, quheranent thir presents with the parteis recept sall be their warrand.

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