Act anent the putting out of the horse in Fyffe

The convention, haveing hard that be some difference in the shyre of Fyfe betuix the barrons and borrowis anent the putting out if thair horse, there is yit 21 of the number of ther horse not yit put out; and the convention, being careful to shune all occasion of difference betuix thame at this tyme, have thought fit for the interim untill it be decydit who ought to bring out thir men that the charge of leveying thir 21 horsemen be layed upon the Lord Balcarres, and for that effect, and in respect of the shortnes of tyme, ordans the collector of the shyre of Fyffe to delyver to the Lord Balcarres, or anie haveing his warrand, the soume of tua hundreth merks Scots for levey money of everie one of these horse out of the first end of the loan; and in the meane tyme, that the Lord Balcarres bring to the randevous the rest of the horse that are in reddines.

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