Act in favors of Adam Whyte

The convention of estates, haveing heard the petition given in to them be Adam Whyt and Gawin Pettcairne, merchantis in Glasgow, complaining that upon the tuentie seven of November last Sir Harie Stridling, governour of Carlile, Williame Acheson, Major Edward Dick, shireffe, Johne Gibsone and Johne Keaps, captaines there, tooke from them as they were comeing frome England some great packes, tua farthells with tua horse, with 200 lib. sterline and tuentie pund sterline of moneyes and left them nothing; and haveing heard the depositions of witnesses produced be the saids complenneris, whereby they proved the taking of the supplicants and their saidis goodis, and that the same are still keeped be the said governour and otheris forsaids, therefore the lordis and commissioneris of the said convention gives warrant be thir presents to all judges and magisrats to bruch [or] land to caus arreist anie goodis being within this kingdome perteining to the said governour of Carlile, the said shireff, major and captaines foresaids or anie otheris, the inhabitantis of Carlile, to be made furthcumand and repeyment under arreistment for satisfaction of the complenneris goodis and losses susteaned as is aforesaid.

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