Act anent presentation of ministers2

The convention of estates haveing this day receaveit ane act of the commissioneris of the generall assemblie for planting of kirks of his mateis patronage dureing the tyme of these troubles, presented unto them by Maister Robert Douglas, moderator, and Maister Androw Ramsay, and haveing considered the samyne and the recommendation theirin conteined for provydeing some way by authoritie of this convention for setleing and possessing the intrants in the stipendis and benefices belonging to these kirkes, and finding no way so fitt for that end and for preserveing the right and possession of the patronages to his matie then that in this tyme of trouble presentationes passe his maties cashett and privie seale, quhilk is alyke and is heirby declaired to be of as great force and authoritie as if the samyne had past his maties royall handis; therefore gives heirby warrand and command to the commissioneris of the thesaurerie, or anie one of them, to recive presentations frome presbyteries to all kirkes of his maties patronages vaikeing or quhilk heirefter sall vaike dureing these troubles and to signe the samyne. And ordaines the samyne sua signed to passe his maties cashett and therefter the privie seale, and that all lettres and executoriells necessar be direct thereupon. And recomendis to the commissioneris of the kirk to intimat this to presbyteries, that they making choise of fitt and weele qualified men by consent of paroches, the presentationes unto the vaiking kirks of his maties patronage dureing these troubles may be passed in the manner aforesaid, quherupon the intrants may obtein all lettres and executoriells necessar. Quhilk way the estates thinkis agreeable to the desyre and intention of the commissioneris of the assemblie.

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  2. A copy of this act can be found in NAS. PA6/8 at 6 January 1644.