Act anent transport of victual

Forsamekle as the convention of estates of this kingdome considering how necessar it is that all meanes be used for provydeing of victuall for mantenance of the armies in England or Ireland and provision of the kingdome within, and the prejudice lyke to ensew throw the avaritious disposition of some privat persons, who, for their awne advantage, doe daylie transport all manner of victuall out of this kingdome, if the same be not prevented be a generall restraint, they doe theirfor ordane herauldis and messingeris of armes to pas to the mercat croce of Edinburgh and otheris places neidfull, and there, be oppen proclamation, to command, charge and inhibite all his maties subjectis of what ranke and qualitie soever that nane of them presoome nor tak upon hand efter the date heirof to transport out of the kingdome anie maner of victuall, wheat, beare, oatis, meale or ry without speciall licence frome the committee of estates, under the pane of confiscation of the said victuall and ships carieing the same, if they can be had; and faillieing thereof, under the paine of confiscation of the moveable of the transporteris and maisteris or awneris of the shipes transporting the same, and suche farder punishment as the committie sall think fitting. Comanding heirby all magistrats to brugh and land and all searchers2 to make diligent tryell and stoppe of all ships, barkes or boatis transporting anie victuall embarked or to be embarked without licence as said is, as they will be answerable upon the duetie of their lyves.

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