Anent the custome of armes

Forsamekle as the estates of parliament conveened in June 1640, considering the priviledge and exemption bruked be the nobilitie and barrones of the kingdome whereby they are exemed of all custome of goodis imported to their owne use, and that the same might more speciallie be enjoyed for the armes brought home for defence of the kingdome in the tyme of the late troubles, did therefore ordaine that all ammunition and armes brought home since the 1637 yeere sould be free of custome; and the estates now conveened, finding the necessitie of haveing armes brought home at this tyme in respect of the present expedition and posture of the kingdome, doe therfore, according to the act, ordaine that all armes and ammunition to be brought home this yeere sall be free of custome, and inhibites and dischairges all customeris or quhatsomever ressaveris of exacting anie custome or imposition for anie kynd of armes or ammunition to be imported dureing the tyme foresaid, and of arreisting and deteining the saidis armes and ammunition or anie goodis belonging to the merchantis, importers therof, for anie custome acclaimed for the same, quhilk the estates findis not reasonable to be granted at this tyme.

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