Act approveing the proceidings of the committee of estats

The convention of the estaits, having takin to thair consideratioun the procedor of the committee of the said convention, with the severall actis and ordours maid be them for allowing, authorising, swearing and subscryveing the Solemne League and Covenant of the thrie kingdomes, for raiseing of ane armie to go into England and appointing a committee to go along therwith, for publishing of declarations and informatiounes concerning the same, for allowing and signeing of the treaties betuixt the kingdome and the kingdome of England, in pursuance of the end conteaned in the covenant, and for setling and securing of the toun of Berwick, for engadging the publict faith of this kingdome with the publict faith of the kingdome of England for 200,000 lib. sterling, togidder with the haill severall actis, ordours, precepts, decreitis, sentences and uthers past and exped be them and conteaned in thair publict register, doe find that the said committee of estaits have faithfullie dischairged that trust committed to them and doe therfor approve of thair procedings as conduceing to the good of religion, his maties honor and peax of this kingdome, and interpons thair authoritie to all and evrie on[e] of the saidis acts, decreits, sentences and ordours and ordains them to stand and have executione, conforme to the tenor therof. And this approbatione and ratificatione to be als valeid as if the haill acts of the committee were particularlie heirin insert.

Lyikas the estaits ratefeis and approves the commission granted to the committee of estaits, colonells and committees of warre, and ordains the same to stand and have executione, conforme to the tenor thairof.

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