Act for putting the kingdome in a posture of defence

Whereas by many loveable acts of parliament all the subjects of the kingdome are ordained to be sufficientlie airmed and to be in reddines for compessing intestein insurrection and opposing of forraine invasion, lyikas the estaitis of this kingdome at the last convention, taking into ther consideration the imminent dainger of the trew Protestant religion, his maties persone and authoritie and peax of his kingdomes by the multitude of papistis, prelats and thair adherents now in armes in England and Ireland, and the occasion thairby gevin not only to the publict ennemies of religion abroad bot even many disaffected persones at home to labour so far as in them lyes to subvert the religion and peax now happillie established in this kingdome, doe find it necessar that all means be spedillie used for preventing the practises of sutche for preserving of the peax and keping of his majesties subjects in a dewtiefull obedience to the lawes and present judicatories, and in cristian unitie amongst thame selffis; and did thairfor ordaine that this kingdome sould be presently put into a posture of defence, and did nominat and choyse certane persones to be colonells of horse and foote, and did appoint committees within the severall schirrefdomes and bounds of the kingdome to that effect, with power to thame to tak speciall tryell and mak perfyt listes of the whole fencible persones betuixt sixtie and sixtein within ther shyir for foote or horse, and to have a speciall caire to see them sufficiently provydit with armes. And the estaits now presently convened, considering that the desolationes of Ireland, the bloodshed in England and danger of this kingdome do daylie increasse, which haith also moved this kingdome to set furth ane airmie in pursuevance of the covenant, which haeth takin away a grit number of armes and amunition furth of the cuntrey, and that this kingdome may be enabled to suppress all intestein commotions, recreut the armie sent forth if neid beis and defend thame selffis against forraine invasion, have statute and ordained and heirby statutes and ordains the colonells and committees forsaid appointed in eache schyir to tak speciall tryell and perfyte lists of the wholl fensible persones betuixt 60 and 16 within thair schyir and sie thame sufficientlie provydit with armes. And to the effect that the want of the armes taken out of the cuntrey with the armie to Ireland and Ingland may be speedily supplied and that the kingdome may be put into a richt militarie posture for defence, the estaitis ordains each schyre and burgh within the same to provyid the particular quantities of armes and amunition following: [...]2. And for that effect, that the committees of the severall schyres send sum in name of the schyir to the committee of estaitis with money to buy the said armes or sufficient surety from the schyir to these who sall provyid and bring the armes into the kingdome, and that the particular quantities of armes abovewrittin be layed upon and bought be the heretors within the schyres according to the proportion of the severall rents, conforme to the valuatione thairof. And that thair may be a sufficient number of trained men who can exercise thair armes in eache shyre for the ends forsaid, the estaits ordains the colonells and committees forsaidis to reduce thair wholl fensible persones in the shyir (alse weell to burghe as landwart) into regiments, foot companies and horse troupes, and according to thair former prented acts of the convention for putting the kingdome in a posture of defence; and ordains that the lyik number of men in eache schyir [who] wer appointed to cum out in this present expedition be dreilled and exercised in managing thair armes, evrie regiment ones in the moneth, evry company and troup once in the week, at sutche place as the said colonells and committees sall appoint; and that eache schyir sall enterteane ane able and expert sojor who may have the cair and inspection of exerciseing the regiments and companies of thair schyir, and the colonells and committee of the schyir to tak sutche course for inferior officers and seriands as may best, with least expence, exercise thair men, and who are heirby requyred to see the capitanes of each company provydit with cullors and drumes, and the roottmasters with trumpets and cornetts, and that thei be in reddines as thei sall receave orderes from the committee of estaitis, to bring furth sutche number and preparation of thair regiments with sufficient furniture, armes and provision as they sall be requyred; and that the first men that sall be sent foorth wherevir occasion sall requyre be the regiments and troupes which wer appointit in the northerne and remote schyres to cum out in this present expedition and have stayed at home, and with or nixt unto them the halff off the number appointit to cum furth of the schyres for this present expeditione. And the committee of estaitis have speciall cair to see this act put in spedie and exact execution, with power to them to do everie thing which may further the putting the cuntrey in a richt and spedie posture.

This act to be without prejudice of any former orders maid for the pryces of armes to be sent in this expedition.

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  2. There follows about one third of the recto blank.