Act anent non covenanters estaits

The conventione ordains the estaitis and rentis of all sutche as ar sentenced for not subscryveing the covenant to be maid furthecumeand and upliftit for the use of the publict, reserving alwayes power to the committee of estaits to modefie some allowance for mantenance of ther wyffes and childrine within the cuntrey as they sall think fitting, and that the loan, taxt, annuities [and] ministers stipends be payed furth thairoff, and that the committee give warrand to pay annuelrents dew to covenanters, the persones receaving the samene first geving assignation of thair richt thairoff to the publict, that repetition may be had aff the estaitis of sutche as sall be sentenced as said is. Lykas it is heirby declared that the annuelrents payed and assigned in maner forsaid sall still affect and be a burdene upon the livingis of the persones sentenced in favores of the publict.

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