Declaration: the treaty with England
The result of the treattie with the English commissioners2

The quhilk day the convention of estaites haveing red and considerit the paper of the 25 of this instant concerneing the result of the treattie betuixt the committie appoynted by the saids estaites and the commissioneres appoynted by the parliament of Ingland, the saids estaites ordaines the said paper to be subscryveit be the clerk of the said committe as good grunds for conclusiones of the tuo housses of the said parliament of Ingland to authorize thair commissioneres to conclude the same, and remittes the perfytting and effectuating thairoff for the pairt of the estates of Scotland to the committie of estaites residing at Edinburche. Off the quhilk result the tenour followes:

25 August 1643

The particulares concerneing the assistance desyreit by the housses of the parliament of Ingland from thair breithrein of Scotland, being delyvered by the Inglisch commissioners the 19 instant to the convention of estaites, they did heireupon give power to thair committies to consider and debate further with the Inglisch commissioneres of quhat other propositiones micht be added or concludeit wherby the assistance desyreit micht be made more effectuall and beneficiall. In pursueance quheroff, the propositiones following wer considerit of and debaited by the committie and commissioneres afoirsaid to be certified with all convenient speid to the tuo houses of the parliament of Ingland and the convention of the estaites of Scotland by thair respective committies and commissioneres, to be respectively takin into thair considerationes and proceidit with as they shall find cause.

1. That the covenant represented to the convention of estats and generall assemblie of Scotland and sent heirwith to both the housses of the parliament of Ingland be sworne and subscribit by both kingdomes as a most neir tye and conjunctione betuixt them for thair mutuall defence against the papists and prelaticall factione and ther adherentes in both kingdomes and for pursewing of the ends expressit in the said covenant.

2. That ane airmie for this purpose salbe levyed forthwith consisting of [...] foote effective and [...] horse effective, with a suteable traine of artailliarie, to be readie at some generall randivous neir the borderes of Ingland to merch into Ingland for the purposes afoirsaid with all convenient speid. The said foote and horse to be weill and compleitly airmed and provydit with victualls and pay for fourtie dayes, and the said traine of artailliarie to be fitted in all poyntes readie to merch.

3. The airmie to be commandit by a generall appoynted by the estaites of Scotland and subject to sutch resolutiones and directiones as are and shalbe agreid and concludeit upon betuixt the tuo kingdomes or by committies appoynttit by them in that behalff for pursewance of the ends abovementionat.

4. That the charge of levyeing, airmeing and bringing the said forces togidder furnisched, as also the fitting the traine of artailliarie in readines to marche to be computed and set doun according to the same raites as if the kingdome of Scotland wer to raise the said airmie for themselffes and thair awin effaires. All which for the present is to be done by the kingdome of Scotland upon accompt, and when the peace of the tuo kingdomes is satled, the same to be repayit or satisfied to the kingdome of Scotland.

5. This airmie to be payit lykwayse as if the kingdome of Scotland wer to imploy the samyn upon thair awin occasiounes; and toward the defraying theroff (it not amunting to the full monethes pay) salbe monethlie allowit and payit the sume of threttie thusand pund sterling by the parliament of Ingland out of the estaites of the revenewes of the papistes, prelattes, malignants and ther adherentes or utherwyse; and incaice that notwithstanding the said monethlie sume of 30,000 lib. payed as afoirsaid, the estates and kingdome of Scotland shall have just cause to demand further satisfactione of thair breithrein of Ingland when the peace of both tuo kingdomes is satled for the paines, hazard and charges they have undergone in the same, they sall by way of brotherly assistance have due recompence made unto them by the kingdome of Ingland out of the said lands and estaites of the papistes and thair adherentes, prelattes, malignantes and otherwise; and for the assureance thairoff, the publict faith of the kingdome of Ingland is to be geven to them.

6. And to the end the said airmie in maner afoirsaid may be inabled and prepared to merch, the kingdome of Ingland is to pay in readie money to thair breithrein of Scotland (or such as shall have power from the estates of that kingdome) the sowme of ane hundreth thusand pund sterling at Leith or Edinburgh with all convenient speid by way of advance befoir hand, which is to be discompted bak againe unto the kingdome of Ingland by the kingdome of Scotland upon the first monethlie allowances which sall grow due to the Scottisch airmie from the tyme they sall mak thair first enterance into the kingdome of Ingland.

7. That the kingdome of Scotland, to manifest thair willingnes to thair utmost abilitie to be helpfull to thair breithrein of Ingland in this common cause, will give the publict faith of the kingdome of Scotland to be joyntlie made use off with the publict faith of the kingdome of Ingland for the present taking up of tuo hundreth thusand pund sterling in the kingdome of Ingland or elswhere for the speidie procureing the said 100,000 lib. sterling as afoirsaid. As also a considerable sowme for the satisfieing in good proportione the arreares of the Scottisch airmie in Ireland.

8. That no cessatione nor any pacificatione nor agreiment for peace quhatsomever salbe made by ather kingdome or the armies of either kingdome without the mutuall advyse, consent and assent of each kingdome or thair committies in that behalff appoynted.

9. That the publict faith of the kingdome of Scotland salbe geven to thair breithrein of Ingland that nather thair enterance into nor continuance in the kingdome of Ingland salbe made use of to any uther ends then as are expressit in the covenant and articles of this treatie; and that all materes of difference that sall happin to aryse betuixt the subjectes of the tuo natiounes salbe resolved and determined by the mutuall advyse and consent of both kingdomes, or by such committies for this purpose as salbe by them appoynted.

10. That in the same maner and upon the samen conditiones [as] the kingdome of Scotland is willing to ayde and assist thair breithrein of Ingland, the kindome of Ingland doeth obleidge themselffes to aide and assist the kingdome of Scotland in the same or lyk caices of straites and extremeties.

11. That dureing the tyme that the Scottisch airmie salbe imployed as afoirsaid for the defence of the kingdome of Ingland, thair salbe fitted out as men of warre eicht shippes, quheroff sex salbe of burthein betuixt sexscoir and tuo hundreth tun; and the otheres betuixt thre hundreth and four hundreth tune, wheroff tuo shalbe in liew of the tuo shippes appoyntit by the Irisch treatie. All which salbe mantained at the charge of the kingdome of Ingland to be imployit for the defence of the estait of Scotland under such comanderes and according to such directiones as salbe mutually agreid upon by both kingdomes, or thair committies appoyntit in that behalffe.

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