Procedure: commission to Sir Adam Hepburn of Humbie
The Lord Humbie, general collector

The estaites of this kingdome presently conveined, haveing takin to thair consideratione that by thair act daittit the 5 of this instant, for the reasounes and causses at lenth therin conteined, they have statute and ordained the sume of tuelff hundreth thusand merks Scottis money, togidder with the sowme of ane hundreth thusand merks money foirsaid as allowance for charges of collecting of the same to collectoures, clerkes and other necesser memberes and officeres to be imployed therin, and for the exemptiounes mentionatt in the said act, to be upliftit and raised be way of loane out of the severall shireffdomes and burghes of this kingdome, in forme and maner and at the termes at lenth mentionatt in the foirsaid act of conventioun; and quhilk sowme it is by the foirsaid act appoyntit to be imployed for releiff and payment of the greate sowmes and uther provisioun already advanceit and undertakin and to be advanceit and undertakin for the interteinment and supplie of the Scottisch airmie now in Ireland in maner also specifit in the said act. Lykas be the same act, the saids estaites have grantit, statute and ordained ane taxt of ane hundreth and tuentie thusand pund Scottis to be upliftit furth of the saids severall shyres and burghes of the kingdome in maner also specifid in the said act for interteinment of the horse troupes and foote companies ordained and appoyntit be the said conventioun of estaites, to be presently levied for preventing of any divisiounes, factiounes and insurrectiounes quhilk may occasioun or aryse to the disturbance of the peace of the kingdome, as the foirsaid act of conventione in the selff mair fully proports. And seing it is necesser that ther be ane generell collectour appoyntit and nominat be the saids estats for collecting and resaveing of the foirsaid loane and taxt respectively, and the saids estaitis haveing goode proofe and experience of the trust and fidelitie of Sir Adame Hepburne of Humbie, knyght, ane of the senatoures of the colledge of justice, and of his ability for dischargeing of the said place, thairfoir the saids estaits of this kingdome now presently conveined have nominat and appoyntit, and be thir presents nominats and appoynts, the said Sir Adame Hepburne to be generall collectour of the foirsaid soume and loane of tuelff hundreth thusand merkis and ane hundreth thusand merks allowit for expenses and exemptiounes as said is, and siclyk nominates and appoynts the said Sir Adame to be generall collectour of the foirsaid taxt of ane hundreth and tuentie thusand pund Scottis, to be raised and upliftit in maner and for the use abovementionat; with power to the said Sir Adame, be him selff, his deputs, under receiveres, subcollectoures and utheres in his name, to creave, exact, receive, intromett with and uplift the foirsaids sumes appoyntit and ordained to be raised be way of loane and taxt respective furth of every shyre, burgh, parochin and lands within this kingdome, and fra the severall commissioners and collectors for shyres and subcollectors for parochines and fra all utheres lyable and addebtit in payment of the same or of ather of them respective, conforme to the tenor of the foirsaid act of conventione; and to raise and direct letteres and all maner of execution necesser and requisite for collecting and payment theroff in his awin name, or in the names of his deputs and subcollectors for shyres and paroches respective, and utheres to be intrustit with the collecting and upgathering theroff, and to caus put the foirsaid letter to dew executioune, conforme to the tenour of the said act of conventioun; and with power to the said Sir Adame and his deputtes, underreceaveres, subcollectoures and utheres officeres to be constitute and substitute for that effect to give and subscryve acquittances and discharges upon the recept of the said loane and taxt respectively to the persones, payeres of the samen, whilk shalbe valeid and sufficient to the receaveres thairoff. And generallie with power to the said Sir Adame Hepburne, be himselff and his deputs and underreceaveres, collectoures and uther officeres to be appoyntit, to doe, use and exerse everie thing necesser and expedient anent the premises siclyk and als freily in all respects as any utheres collectoures generall of any preceding taxatioun, thair deputs, subcollectors, underreceaveres and uther officeres have done at any tyme heirtofoir. With power also to the said Sir Adame Hepburne to nominat and appoynt the saids deputtes and under receaveres under him, for whom he shall be answerable, for receiving of the said loane and taxt respective from the severall comissioneres and subcollectors for shyres and paroches and utheres intromettoures thairwith and addebtit in payment theroff. As also to nominat and appoynt subcollectors for the haill shyres of the kingdome quher the samyn are not already nominat be the said act of conventioune for receiveing, collecting and inbringing of the samyn; and siclyk with power to the said Sir Adame Hepburne to nominat and appoynt clerkes to the foirsaid loane and taxt, and to authorize them with all priveledges dew and apperteining to the said office or quhilk hes bein dew to the clerkis of any preceiding taxation heirtofoir. Lykas the saids estaits gives and grantis to the said collectour generall and his deputtes, subcollectoures and under receaveres, and to the clerks to be appoyntit be him and ther deputtes, the fies and allowances partly mentionat in ane list and roll of the samen set doun and appoyntit be the saids estaites and registrat in the books of the said conventione. It is heirby provyddit and ordainit that the said Sir Adame and his deputtes salbe comptable to the saids estaites of this kingdome, or to the committies to be appoyntit be them and haveing thair power and warrand for that effect, for compt and reckoning of thair intromissione with the foirsaid loane and taxt respective, and shalbe obleist to depurse, pay and give out the saids sowmes for the uses foirsaids according to the foirsaid act of convention; and as he and his saids deputtes shall receive warrand and ordour fra the saids estaites or committies to be appoyntit be them for that effect, whose ordoures and warrands theranent the said collectour generall and his deputtes are heirby warranted to answer and obay. Lykas the saids estaites heirby requyres and commands all commissioneres and collectoures for shyres and thair clerkes and utheres subcollectoures and persounes lyable in compt and payment for the foirsaid loane and taxt respective that they and every on[e] of them, according to thair severall charge and imployments, readily sett doun, perfyt and report the stent rolls of the said collectioun and taxt within the severall bounds committit to them, and mak tymeous payment thairoff; and that they and all utheres within this kingdome give readie obedience to all letteres and executoriells to be direct in name and at the instance of the said collectour generall, his deputtes, subcollectoures or underreceaveres for that effect, conforme to the foirsaid act of conventioune; for all quhilks letters and ordoures to be direct for that effect, the foirsaid act of conventioune with thir presents salbe ane sufficient warrand. And this present commissioun the saids estaites appoyntes and ordaines to continew and indure ay and whill the foirsaid loane and taxt respective and ather of them be fully and compleitly upliftit and payit and the accompts of the samyn perfytted and cleired.

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