Procedure: report of James Stewart's accounts
James Stuart's accompt allowed 13,200 lib. sterling

The quhilk day the lords and commissioners of estaites presently conveined, haveing red and considerit Mr Robert Farqhar's and James Stewart thair accompt allowed underwrittin, perused by ordour from the saids estaits be Robert, lord Burchly, Sir Alexander Schaw of Sauchie and Williame Thomson, they allow of the said accompt and ordaines the samyn to be insert and registrat in the books of conventioun, off the quhilk the tenour followes:

Mr Robert Farquher and James Stewart, ther accompt of meale furnisched preceiding the xi of August 1643 for the use of the Scottis airmie in Ireland, by contract at the ordinance of the counsall.

Item, by vertew of a contract made betuixt Johne, earle of Loudoun, lord chanceller of Scotland, and Archibald, marqueis of Argyll on the ane pairt, and Mr Robert Farqhar and James Stewart, merchants, daittit 19 March 1642 for 10,000 bolls meill at 10 lib. boll is 8333-06-08

Whilk was delyverit to Alexander Mure, receater of the victuall for the Scottish airmie at Carickfergus, according to his recept daitit the 25 of August 1642, for the whilk 10,000 bolls we wer compleitlie payit by the ordinance of the counsell at London.

Item, by vertew of the same contract, which beares that what we furnisch more to have the lyk pryce and payment 4,644 bolls meill at 10 lib., wherof we have precept upon my Lord Lindsay or Williame Thomsoune, extends in sterling money to 3870-00-00

Mair the rent therroff from Mertymes 1642 to Mertymes 1643, 0310-00-00

Item, to James Stewart by contract in September, 5,000 bolls meill at 10 lib. the boll, wheroff 3,000 bolls payable at Mertymes 1642 and 2,000 bolls at Candlemes 1643, 0200-00-00

Mair the annualrent of 2,000 bolls fra Candlemes 1643 to Mertymes 1643 yeares, 0100-00-00

Item, 1,000 bolls by land by act of counsell in December 1642 at 10 lib. the boll is 0833-06-08

Item, by vertew of the samyn act allowed James Stewart by the counsell on the preceiding 6,000 bolls, 0500-00-00

Item, the rent of this 1,000 bolls and the rent of the 500 lib. fra Candlemes to Mertymes 1643 yeares, 0080-00-00

Item, be contract in Appryll 1643, 3,000 bolls, wheroff halff payit in hand at 17 merks the boll, the uther halff at Witsonday 1643 extends to 1416-13-04

Item, the annualrent theroff to Mertymes 1643, 0056-13-04

Item, for my pairt of 6,000 bolls meill undertakin to be sent by land in July 1643, wherof my pairt, 1,500 bolls at 13 lib. 6 sh. 8 d. the boll payable at Martymes 1643 is 1666-13-04

All this meill instructed by Alexander Mure's ressaittes, except the last article quhilk is on the publicts hazard in all adventures, except inlaik of measureing when it comes in good conditioune to the port of Carictfergus.

The just sowme addebtit to James Stewart, conforme to the accompt abovewrittin, payable at Mertymes nixt in this instant yeir of God 1643 yeires extends to 13,200 lib. sterling

At Edinburgh, xi August 1643

By vertew of ane ordinance and warrand from the lordis and utheres of the conventioun of estaits of the dait the tent day of this moneth of August, we under subscryveing have peruseit the accompt abovewrittin and have fund the samyn justly calculated and the particular articles theroff richtlie instructed by Alexander Mure, his recepts and warrandis from the lordis of counsell; the said James being alwayes lyable to deduce out of the said sowme such moneyes as Williame Thomsoune or any uther commisseres of the airmie have payit for fraucht of the saidis victualls to Ireland; and being lyable to report sufficient resepts from the said Alexander Moore or any uther resaveres of the samyn victualls for the number of bolls of meill farther barganed for, being ane thowsand, fyve hundreth bolls, which are presently to be sent upon the publict hazard according to the tenour of the former contractis made with him. Sic subscribitur, J. Burghly; A[lexander] Shaw; Williame Thomsone

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