Procedure: report of James Hamilton's accounts
James Hamilton's accompts allowed 13,932 lib. sterline

The quhilk day the lords and commissioneres of the estaits presently conveined, haveing red and considered James Hamiltoun of Bogis, his accompt, perused be ordour from the estaits be Robert, lord Burghle, Sir Alexander Schaw of Sauchie and Williame Thomsone, commisser of the Scottisch airmie in Ireland, they have allowed of the said accompt, and ordaines the samen to be insert and registrat in the books of conventioun, off the quhilk the tenour followes:

The accompt of moneyes addebtit be the publict to James Hamiltoun of Boigs for the provisioun of meall and uther necessers furnisched be him to the Scottisch airmie in Ireland

In primis, conforme to ane contract in September 1642, 5,000 bolls meill at 10 lib. the boll, payable at Mertymes 1642, the on[e] halff, and the uther halff at Candlemes thairefter, extendis to fyftie thousand pund Scotts, is sterling money 04166-13-04

Item, for the annual rent therroff to Martymes 1643, 00291-13-04

Item, by act of counsell in December 1642, 1,000 bolls meall sent by land at 10 lib. per boll, extends to Inglisch money 00833-06-08

Item, allowed to him by the counsell for cariadge and uther charges, 500 lib. sterling inde, 00500-00-00

Item, for the annuelrent of the saids tua sowmes till Martymes 1643 yeares, 00080-00-00

Item, by contract in Appryll 1643, 4,000 bolls meill at 17 merks per boll, wheroff the on[e] halff being payed in readie money, ther rests for the uther halff payable at Witsonday 1643, 01888-17-09

Item, for the annualrent therrof to Mertimes 1643, 00075-11-02

Item, furnisched be the Lady Lindsay, her ordour in July 1642, 4,373 bolls meill, togidder with secks, at xi lib. per boll in Inglisch money, 00400-09-02

Item, for annualrent thairoff from Lambes 1642 to Mertymes 1643 yeares, the sowme of 00040-00-00

Item, for 4,500 bolls meill, being my pairt of 6,000 bolls appoynted to be sent overland in Julii last, is now readdie shipped and to be shipped for Ireland at 20 merks per boll, 05000-00-00

Item, for 500 bolls moir agried for be Capitane Moncreiff at the same pryce, extending to 00555-11-02

Item, agreid with the Lord Burchlie for 2,000 huicks and 100 sythes for sheiring and mawing, 00100-00-00

The totall sowme of the articles abovewrittin, threttein thowsand, nyne hundreth threttie tua punds, tuo shilling, 7 d. sterling, payable at Martymes 1643, 13,932-02-07

At Edinburgh, the ellevent day of August 1643 yeares, we under subscryveing, by vertew of ane warrand from the commissioners of the conventioun of estaits of the dait the tent day of the said moneth of August, have peruseit the accompt of James Hammiltoun of the Boogis written on the uther syde, and have fund the samyn justlie calculated and the particular articles thairoff justlie instructed by resepts of Alexander Mure and warrandis from the lords of counsall, the said James Hamiltoun being alwayes obleist to deduce thairoff such sowmes as Williame Thomsoune or any uther commisseres of the airmie have payed for fraucht of the saids victualles to Ireland, and being lyable to report sufficient ressaits from the said Alexander Mure or utheres resaveres of the airmies victualls for the number of bolls of meill farther barganed for, being 5,000 bolls of meill conteined in the tuo last articles of the accompt, which are presently to be sent upon the publict hazard according to the tenor of the former contracts made with him. Sic subscribitur, J. Burghlye; Al[exander] Schaw; Williame Thomsone

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