Act anent the Lord Bamff's appearance

Forsameikle as George, Laird2Bamff, being charget be warrand from the estaits to have compeired befoir them at a certane day bygaine, provydeit to have fund good and sufficient cautioun for keiping of the peace and behaveing himselff in a quyett way, conforme to the lawes of the kingdome, and to have hard and sein such order tane for the peace of the cuntrey as the estats shall think fitting, under the paine of rebellioune; and being this day callit and compeirand be James Gibsoune and Mr Johne Flescher, advocatts, who produceit a testimoniell under the hands of tuo ministers testifieing upon thair consciences his inabilitie to travell inrespect of his seiknes. Inregaird quheroff, the estaits doeth yet assigne unto him the 25 of this moneth for his compeirance, and declaires that thei will not heirefter admitt of any testimoniell of his seiknes except the same be signed be Mr Williame Chalmer, minister at Boyne, Mr Thomas Mitchell, parsoune of Luireff3, Mr Alexander Seaton, minister at Bamff, and Mr James Guthrie, minister at Kyndewad4, or anie tua of them upon ther certane knowledge and oath; and hes intimat the same to the said James Gibsoune and Mr John Flescher in name of the said Lord Bamff.

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