Judicial Proceeding: denunciation of the Lord Ogilvy
Denunce the Lord Ogilvie

Forsameikle as anent the charge given be warrand of the estats to James, lord Ogilvie to have compeired personallie before thame this present day, provydit to have fund sufficient caution for keeping of the peace and behaveing himselfe in a peacable and quiet way, conforme to the lawis of the kingdome, and to have hard and seene suche order tane for the good and peace of the kingdome as the estats sould thinke fitting, under the paine of rebellion and putting of him to the horne, with certification to him if he failzied, letters sould be direct simplar to putt him therto, lykeas [as] at more lenthe is conteaned in the said warrand, executions and modifications therof. Quhilks being callit and the said James, lord Ogilvie not compeirand, being oftymes callit, the estates ordans letters to be direct to denunce him his maties rebell and putt him to the horne and to esheit etc.

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