Letter: to the English parliament
Letter to the parliament anent the earle of Antrim

Richt honorable,

The amitie betuixt the tuo natiounes, and the care we have to doe everie thing which may confirme the same, as it did move the counsell to represent to both housses the late taking of the earle of Antrim, and the estaits since to send up the said earle and his servantis, thair depositiounes, with the lettre from his associates in that conspiracie, so also the saids estaits have now resolved upon the same ground, that, according to the desyre from both housses expressit in your lettre of the 17 of Junii last, order salbe geven to the lord generall to delyver the persoune of the said earle to such as from the parliament shall have warrand to resave and convoy him to London to abyde his tryell thair; and have desyreit me in thair name to notifie unto your lordes to be represented unto both housses, whois happines is the earnest desyre of yout lords assureit freind and servant. Sic subscribitur, Loudoun, I.P.D. conventionis.

  1. NAS. PA8/1, f.56r.