Declaration: from the English parliament

The quhilk day Mr Corbat gave in to the conventioun the declaratioune under writtin from the houses of the parliament of Ingland, whilk being red in heareing of the estaits, they recommend to the committie for the remedies to consider theroff and of ther oppinion quhat anser salbe returned therto. Of the quhilk declaratione, the tenor followes:

Declaration of the parliament of England

Die Martis 27 Junii 1643

We, the lordis and commons assembled in the parliament of Ingland, cannot doubt but our breithrein, the estaits of the kingdome of Scotland, will duelie consider with what difficulties, miseries and distractiones we are inforced daylie to wrastle even for the lyffe and being both of the church and state, wherby our endevoures and meanes are diverted from many occasiounes much importing the honour and saiftie of this kingdome. Amongst which we tak it for a greate wnhappines and inconvenience that we cannot so speidily and readily send our committies to the kingdome of Scotland as we intendit, and verie earnestly desyreit to treate and conclude those materes which concerne both kingdomes inrespect of the Scottisch airmie now imployed for our assistance in Ireland, and the satisfactioun of the arrieres due to them and the uther debts for which we stand ingadged to that state, and for uther materes concerneing the good of both kingdomes; in which notwithstanding we have bein interuptit by the manifold dangerous practises late discovered, which requyred a present inquisitioune and preventioun. Yet, in the midest of all our distemperes, we are resolved that some memberes of both houses of parliament shall be forthwith sent into Scotland for the purposes abovementionat, and with all possible speid doe prepaire such instructiones as wilbe necessarie in that behalff; and, in the meane tyme, have sent this bearer, John Corbet, esquire, to acquaint our brethren with our present state and conditioune, and to informe them truelie of the groundis of our proceidings, that all misapprehensioune and aspertiounes may be takin of and removed, which we doubt not will by the malice and subtilitie of the enemies, the evell counsellors about his matie, be indevoured to be cast upon us. We have lykwayse commanded Mr Welden now resideing with yow and this sent to present to the states of that kingdome a declaratioune sent by us to the lords of secreit counsell in November last, the answer wherunto we have since forborne to presse, both inregaird we conceaveit it could not be effectually made but by the assemblie of the estaits, and we have bein for the most pairt enterteined with treaties and propositiounes, out of which we have some hope a happie peace micht have bein produced. Wherin, being frustrated by the prevailling pairtie of papists and other ill affected persounes about the king, we have greate cause to commend it to the Christiane wisdome an[d] brotherlie affectioune of the Scottisch natioune and state, to consider how by thair concurrent advyse and assistance the factioun of papisch bishops and other malignants of this kingdome may be suppressed, the ruine of religioune and libertie heir prevented, and thairby thair awin injoyeing of both the better preserved and estableisched. Towards the affecting wheroff, we conceave it will very much conduce that, by the consultatioun and advyse of the assemblie of divines intendit to be had heire upon the first day of July nixt, the reformatioun in church dissipline and ceremonies so much longed for by us may be agreid and confirmed; and haveing bein invited by publict letteres from the generall assemblie of the church of Scotland and lords of the secreit counsell to a neirer unione with those churches in mater concerneing religioun and church governement, we doe with more confidence desyre and exspect that some godlie and learned divynes may be sent from thence who may assist in that assemblie for the accomplisching a wark so much tending to the honour of God, the happines, peace and more firme conjunctione of both natiounes; and thairfoir doe lykwyse verie earnestly commend the same to the judgement and resolutioun of the estaits of Scotland.

Sic subscribitur, John Browne, clericus parliamenti; H Elryage2, clericus parliamenti Do' Com'.

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