Procedure: ordering of the house
Orders for keiping the meiting of the conventione

Orders of the convention hous

It is thocht fit for the better ordouring of the meitings of the conventioun, the conventioun sall meit alwayes at tuo in the clok efternone; and that the severall estaits meit ilk day at nyne houres in the morneing; and the particular committies to meit at ten houres; and that these who ar upon these committies meit with thair severall estaites at nyne houres, and, once being met, then to remove to the committie, the rest of the severall estaits sitting still.

It is thocht fitt that the rolls of the conventioun be called at the dounsitting of each meiting, and who bies not present and answers to the calling of his name, if he come in thairefter at the same dyett, to pay the penaltie following, viz: each noblemen 18 sh., each barroune 12 sh. [and] each burges 6 sh., whilk is the penaltie appoynted for these that are sero. And if any sall happin to be absent from ane haill sessioun of the conventioun, to pay ten pund each nobleman, ten marks each barroune and ane dolor each commissioner of burghe, and that no licence nor excuise for absence be allowed but by the lord chancellour with consent of the house. And ordanes the maissers as they sall receave a roll from the clerk of the absentis, or these that are sero, that thei suffer them not to enter the house wntill first they pay thair wnlawes to be put into a box to be keipit by the clerk. And declaires that if any refuiseing to pay and shall not be sufferred to enter by the messer, that each dyets absence that way salbe equivalent and subject to the lyk penaltie as ordinarie absentis.

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