Warrant: for the delivery of Captain Watson's ship
Warrand for delyvery of Captain Watsones ship

At Edinburgh, the sevent day of July the yeire of God jM vjC fourtie thrie yeares. Anent the supplicatioun presented to the noblemen and comissioners of the estaits presentlie conveined be Capitane Andro Watsoune, Mr Robert Ferquhar, merchant and baillie of Aberdein, and James Stewart, merchant burges of Edinburgh, ordiner furnischeres of the airmie in Ireland, makand mentione that whair the greate botte perteining to the said capitane, being laidned in the north with beir belonging to the saides Mr Robert Farquhar and James Stewart, the same was laitlie seaseit upon be some Irish or Dunkirk friggottis and caried to Ireland for the use of the rebells thair. And now the supplicantis are informed that by a speciall providence the said boatt and victuall is come to Ballantrae perteining to the Lord Barganie, humblie desyreing thairfoir the saids noblemen and commissioneres to give command to the said lord in maner and to the effect underwritten, lykas at mair lenth is conteined in the said supplicatioune. Whilk being read, hard and considerit be the saids noblemen and commissioneres, and they finding the desyre thairoff to be reasonable, they have thairfoir ordained and ordanes the said Lord Barganie to delyver the said boatt and victuall and goods being therin to the saids supplicants or ther commissioners, wheranent thir presents salbe to him ane sufficient warrand.

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