Procedure: commission for the trial of the earls of Traquair and Carnwath
Commission for tryel of Traquaire and Carnewath

The estaits presentlie conveined gives heirby warrand and commissioun to the marq[uis] of Argyll, the earles Cassillis, Lauderdaill and Lindsay, the lords Kerse, Wariestoun, Humbie, Scottiscraig, Thomas Durhame, James Suord, Mr Robert Barclay, Mr Alexander Douglas, or to any seven of them, thair being tua of every estaite present (the chancellar being supernumerarie), to meit and conveine at such tymes and places as thei shall think fitting, and to tak tryell and inquisitioune be oath of witnesses (whom thei have power heirby to summond befoir them under the pane of horneing) and be all uther lawfull meanes whither or not the earle of Traquair hes beheaved himselff in such a quyet maner as may conduce weill and most to the peace of the kingdome, and conforme to the act of parliament [of] 16 of November 1641, and specially concerneing his cariage in his jurney to York, his accessioun to the croce petitione and petitioun against the amitie, and to tak the lyk tryell and inquisitione whidder or not the earle of Carnewath said to his matie in oppositione to the desyres of the commissioneres who went from this kingdome in Janurie last, or the lyk words: 'Sir, it is a strange thing to sie that thai wer not content to come into this kingdome to rwine yow themselff, but they most also come in to assist this rebellioun to rwine yow here'. And, as the saids commissioners shall find occasioun upon depositiones of witnesses or other tryell, to give ordour for secureing of parties ather be cautioune or imprissonment as they shall think fitt for the peace of the kingdome, and to report.

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