Letter: to the English parliament
Letter to the speakers of the houss of the parliament of England

Right honorable,

The convention of the estats of this kingdome, being informed that diverse of thair ships going with victuall and others necessars frome severall parts therof for supplie of the Scots armie in Ireland have beene sett upon be some Irish and Dunkirk freegots full of Irish souldiours upon our north coast, thair passingers tortured and the ships spoylled and brunt, have commandit me to represent to yow the hard condition our armie in Ireland will be brought to if suche proportions of victuall and other necessars as wee spare unto thame, and without whiche they could not have subsisted till this tyme, may not without danger be transported frome anie part of this kingdome; and therfore earnestlie to desire yow to represent this to both houses of parliament, that not onelie ships of warre may be appoynted for guarding the passage betuix Scotland and Ireland according to the treattie, bot also that some ships of warre be presentlie sent to guard our north coast since great nombers of Irish and Dunkirk frigots doe appeir theron, quherby both provision to our armie and all other trafficq and comerce be sea is hindred. I rest etc. Subscribitur, Loudon, cancellarius, I.P. conventionis, Edinburgh, 29 June.

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