Procedure: commission for the act of constitution
Commission anent the act of constitution

The estats gives commission to the marquis of Hamiltoun and Argyll, the erles of Mortoun, Roxburgh, Lauderdaill, Southesk, Lanerik, Calander, Balmerino, and for the barons, lairds of Kerse, Waristoun, Humbie, Scottiscraig, Wauchtoun, Rowallan, Achinbrek, Libberton, Athernie, and to the commissioners of Edinburgh, Perth, Stirline, Aberden, Dumbartan, Irwin, St Andrews, Glasgow [and] Bamff, to meit together and consult and debate of the conveniencie or necessitie of the constitution of this convention, and of the way of it.

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