Proclamation: against the earl of Carnwath
Charge against Carnwath

Forsameikle as the convention of estats haveing given warrant to charge the erle of Carnwath to compeir with all diligence and sycht his persone befor thame as he would be answerable, and the said erle being accordinglie charged by a maissor, personallie apprehended and haveing promised presentlie to appeire and give obedience to the charge, he notwithstanding, in contempt and neglect of the judicatorie, did neither appeare nor so much as send any answer to thame, bot suffer thame to attend all this afternoone without so much as an excuse. For which contempt, the convention ordains maissors to pas to the mercat croce of Edinburgh, and ther by opin proclamation to charge the said erle of Carnwath to enter his persone in ward within the tolbuith of Edinburgh, therin to remaine upon his awne expenses ay and whill he be releived by the convention; and that he enter in ward within 12 houres nixt after the publication heirof under the paine of ten thowsand pund Scots.

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