[Act regarding the prices of writs, seals and registers]

Act anent the pryces of writts, seallis and registeris, remittit to the counsall2

Our soverane lord and estaitis of parliament, considering the great extortione quhairby the leidges ar abused by the keiperis of the signet, privie seall, great seall, director of the chancellarie and wrettaris thairto and all utheris clerkis and keiperis of registeris within this realme, notwithstanding that their ar particular ratis and pryces sett doune for all keiperis of sealles, registeris and clerkis in the parliament haldin be his hienes darrest father of blessed memorie in ano 1621, thairfoir statutis and ordaines that all wrettaris, keiperis of sealles and registeris and clerkis within this kingdome sall conforme theme selffis and be rewled be the pryces speciallie sett doune in the said parliament haldin in ano 1621, and shall conforme theme selffis to the pryces set doune be the Erles of Lawderdaill, Southesk and Sir Andro Flescheour of Inverpeffer, knicht, ane of the senatours of the colledge of justice, respective in ano 1639 wnder all highest painis conteined in the acts of parliament.

17 Novembris 1641

Red in audience of his majestie and estaittis of parliament, who remittis the same to the counsale, with power to theme to doe ad hunc effectum as the king and parliament might, so that the sentence and determinatioune of the counsale shall haif the authoritie, force and effect of ane act of parliament for this purpois.

Balmerino, I[n] p[raesentia] d[ominorum] parliamenti

  1. NAS, PA6/6, 'November 17 1641'. Another copy of this act, labelled as a draft version, is also bound in this section. However, there appears to be no real difference between the two acts.
  2. This clause is written on the rear of the document.