[Act prohibiting remissions granted without letters of assythment]

Act remissiouns granted without assyithment of the pairtie to be null2

Our soverane lord and estaits of parliament, considering the many great abusis that sundrie of his majesties gud subjects heirtofoir hes sustained by murthours, slauchters, raysing of fyr, hairschips, robberie, thift and sundrie uther great crymes and oppressiouns, and thairafter aither the committars thairof by thair awin moyan or be thair friends obtanis remissiouns for the saide crymes without making any reparatioun or satisfactioun to the pairties damnified thairby, aganis all law, equitie and justice, thairfoir statute and ordanis that no remissiouns heirafter salbe granted to any persoun or persouns quhatsumever for any murthour, slauchter, fyr raysing, hairschipps, robberies, thift or ony uthair crymes and oppressiouns of that natur quhill first the pairties damnified be fullie satisfied of all thair skaith sustained thairby, bot upoun the sicht of lettres of assyithment and dischairge of the pairties haveand entres grantand thame, payed and satisfied of all thair losis. And with this declaratioun: that the saids pairties haveand entres be reddie and willing to accept of ane assyithment and to receave satisfactioun for thair guids, geir and losis sustained be thame be the oppressiouns forsaids respective, quhilk his majestie, with consent of the estaits, ordanis to be maid be the pairties committaris, to the pairties haveand entres and quha sustanis the hurts, damage and skaith be the sicht of the lords of his majesties secreit counsell; and that the saids remissiouns sall ly or unpast in exchecker till the saide pairties fulfill and obey the decreitts of the lords of secreit counsell to be gevin thairanent. And declairs all remissiouns to be past uthairwayes nor is abovespecifit to be null in the self, and to furnishe no defence befoir the justice generall nor his deputts in quhatsumevir criminall persuitt to be intentit against thame for the crymes abovespecifit.

  1. NAS, PA6/5, 'November 16 1641'.
  2. This clause is written on the rear of the document.