[Act regarding mortifications to colleges, schools and hospitals]

Act anent mortificatiounes2

Our soverane lord and estaitis of this parliament presentlie conveined, for the bettir incouragment of all charitabill disposed Christianes to advance in promoting of good warkis and mortifeing of sum of thair worldlie talentis bestowed upoun them by the speciall providence of God to colledges, hospitalles and scoolles of learning, and for to silence and stop the mouthes of the adversaries of the professione of the Gospell and reformatioun now approven quha ar not eshamed to aver and affirme that the professores of the Gospell ar impugneres of goode warkis, do by these presentis ratifie and approve all actes of parliament maid be ws and our predicessores ratefeing and approveing the mortificatiounes and dotationes to colledges, hospitalles and scoolles; and especiallie the sext act of our first parliament holdin at Edinburt in Junii jM vjC threttie thrie, with this additioun: that it sall nowayes be leisum to any pairteis intrusted in the saides mortificationes or dotationes to apply the meanes mortified to any uther use then they ar destinat by the fundator, nor in any way to invert, alter or chaing directlie or indirectlie the trew meaning and expres wordis of the fundatores in the foundationes exprest by them, bot that the samyn sall be from tyme to tyme punctuallie in the haill heides, articles and clausis observed as the samyn ar conceaved and no advantage takin againest the samen. Certefeing these who altereth since the majoritie of our umquhile father of worthie memorie, or sall in tyme cuming do in the contrair, directlie or indirectlie, under pretext of legall doing or any uther wayes quhatsoevir, contrair to the trew meaninges of the fundatores and thair mortificationes, that the samyn sall be rectified and redrest by the ordiner judge within the kingdome upoun complaint of any haveing entres thairto.

[...]3 Novembris 1641

Red in audience of the parliament.

16 Novembris 1641

Red and continewed whill the morne.

  1. NAS, PA6/5, 'November 16 1641'.
  2. This clause is written on the rear of the document.
  3. Illegible.