[A true note of the losses sustained by the officers imprisoned at Newcastle]

The true nott of the losses and expenses of thes officiars that war takne prissonars at Tynmowthe Scheils in the beginning of Apryll 1640, being d[r]iven thither be storme of weather in ane brokne schippe, and war detainet at Newcastle ane monthe and therafter sent to Yorke Castell.

Imprimis, for Collonell Jaimes Wardlaw, being fowr months imprissoned, for his dyet, jaylor feis and other expenses truly depursed be him, ane hundrethe ducats and eleven pieces. James Wardlaw

Item, for Ritmaster Fordell Broune and Liuetenent Collonel Hendrye Sinklare, being eight months imprissoned, for ther and ther servands dyet, lodging, jaylor feis and other necessar expenses, everie on of them having truly deported, fyve hundrethe and fuftie doll[ars].

Summa: elevin hundrethe doll[ars]. Jo[hne] Broun

Item, for Liuetenent Johne Adinstone, being sex months imprissoned, ane hundrethe and eightie doll[ars]. Johne Adinstone

Item, for Ensigne David Guthrie, being four months imprissoned, ane hundrethe and thrittie doll[ars]. D. Guthrie

Item, for Robert Finlasone, serjant, being eight months imprissoned, threiscore doll[ars]. Robert Finlasone

10 Novembris 1641

Red in audience of the barrones.

Supplication [...]2 remittit to the comittie of the comoun burdings, 15 Novembris 1641.3

  1. NAS, PA6/5, mistakenly bound under 'October 9 1641'.
  2. Illegible.
  3. This clause is written on the rear of the document.