[Report of the committee for trial of those cited to parliament]

Report anent these cited to the parliament2

13 Novembris 1641

My Lord Lauderdaill, my Lord Burghley and my Lord Coupar for the noblemen; the Lairdis of Morphie, Balmaine and Birkinboig for the barounes; the commissioners of Kinghorne, Bruntyland and Hadington for the burghes, haveand mett togither for taking tryell quhat was to be layd to the charge of these who wer cited to the parliament and quhat informatione was or might be had against thame, and haveand chosine my Lord Lauderdaill for praeses, thay sent word to the bodyis of the barounes and burrowes adverteising thame that if any of thair number knew any informatioune of any cryme that could be layd to the charge of suche as wer cited to the parliament, conforme to the crymes lybellit in thair summonds, that thay wald come to the said committie and mak the same knowne to thame.

Thaireftir it was declaired be Maistir Thomas Nicolsone that he had receaved no particular informatione in the way of his charge for filling up the subsumptione of the sumonds against the saids persones cited as said is, except only that at the making of the roll of the persones cited thair was verball informatione in generall maid be the gentlemen and burgess commissioners out of the northe that all the north countrie men almost containit in the roll wer in armes against the countrie.

Thaireftir haveand considered the roll, they fand no particular informatioune against any persone thairincontenit (except suche as ar exceptit out of the act of oblivione as incendiaries), saveing that the north countrie men, all of thame almost as is informed, have risen in armes against the countrie. And some of thame, viz: the Laird of Haddo, hes committed slauchter and hearschips for the whiche thair is particular sentences already obtainit, and that uthers keiped housis against the countrie.

15 Novembris 1641

Red in audience of his majestie and estaittes of parliament, who appoints ane copie therof to be gevin to everie estate to be advisit whill the morne.

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  2. This clause is written on the rear of the document.