[Warrant in favour of Sir Richard Graham of Esk]

Warrand for Sir Richard Grahame, ress[evit] from Maistir Johne Oliphant, 1 October 16412

Charles R[ex]

Oure soverane lord and estaittes of parliament ordaines ane speciall exemptioun, exceptioun and reservatioun to be expreslie contenit in the act of pacificatioun and generall pardoun concludit upon in this parliament in favouris of his hienes servitor, Sir Richard Grahame of Esk, knicht and baronet, and the remanent kin and freindis of umquhill Williame Grahame, brother to the said Sir Richard, againes Thomas Irwing of Kirkpatrik and Richard Irwing of Rovgill, his brother, declairing that the benefeit of the said act of pacificatioun and generall pardoun thairin contenit sall na wayes be extendit to the saidis Thomas nor Richard Irwingis for the cruell and wilfull murdering of the said umquhill William Grahame committed be thame, nor sall nawayes frie nor liberat thame nor nather of thame from the said cruell fact, nor sick actiounes and executionis of law and justice as hes followit or may follow againes thame for the samyne, bot that they and ather of thame sall be lyable to the lawis of this realme for the said fact and sick punishment as beis dew thairfore, notwithstanding of the said act of pacificatioun and generall pardoun thairincontenit according as they wer debarrit and exemit anent the said fact in the act of pacificatioun grantit at his majesties coronatioun. And ordaines thir presentis to be ane sufficient warrand to his hienes clerk of register and his deputes for inserting and contening of the said exceptioun abonewrittin per expressum in the said act of pacificatioun. Gewin att [...].

13 Novembris 1641

Red in audience of the nobilite.

  1. NAS, PA6/5, 'November 13 1641'.
  2. This clause is written on the rear of the document.