[Supplication of James Brown and James Hill for reparation of their losses]

Supplicatione James Broun and James Hill to his majestie and estaitts 16412

Unto his sacred majestie and honorable estaites of parliament presentlie conveined, humblie supplicatis we, your majesties humble servitoris, James Brown, skipper of Kirkcaldy and sumtyme maister of the guid ship called the James of Kirkcaldy, and James Hill, skipper of the Queenisferrie and sumtyme maister of the guid ship called the James of Queenisferrie, that quhair in the tyme of the lait troubles the said ship called the James of Kirkcaldie perteining to me, the said James Brown, was in the moneth of Maii 1641 takin in his homeward voyage from Spayne to Scotland be the kingis majesties schippes, with his whole loadening of salt with some gold and silver thairintill, and caryed be the capitane to the Holy Ileand, quhair the comoun people spoyled hir of hir loadening and the capitane caryed hir sex gwnnes to the wallis of Berwick and as yitt keped and deteined from me; the pryce of the quhilk ship and guidis is as followis: in the first the ship, it selff being of the burding of sex scoir ten twnnes of deid weght, with theire apparrelling and ammonitioun, estimat to twentie thowsand merkis Scottis. Item, thair wes in the said ship the tyme of the taking thairof ellevine hundreth bollis of Spanish salt, ilk boll estimat to nyne pundis Scottis, is in the haill nyne thousand and nyne hundreth pundis. Item, mair within the said ship the tyme of the taking thairof ane hundreth fyiftie fyve dowble pistollis of gold, ilk pistoll aught pundis xv s., is in all ane thousand thrie hundreth fyiftie sex pundis v s. Item, mair of Portingall testanes, fyve hundreth thriescoir ten, ilk testane estimat to xvj s. Scottis, is in the haill four hundreth xxxvj lib. Item, mair aughteine Frenche crownes, ane Portingall dewkatt, thretteine popes pistollis, all estimat to twa hundreth threscoir fyve pundis. Item, of ether commodities in the said ship such as greine ginger, wobis of lyning cloath, ane silver tasis, commodities for the maister and companyes bodyes, with twelff mwskettis, powlder, ball and haes pickis, all estimat to twa thowsand merkis, swa that the haill loises susteined be me at that tyme is esteemed to twentie sex thousand sex hundreth threttie sevin pundis xviij s. 4d. And this by and attoure the loise of my tyme and calling sensyne quhilk hes tendit to the rwine of me, my wyf and childrine. And since the pacificatioun, I haveing gone to Londoun by the advyce of my awneris and by assurance of your majesties royall favour of restitutioun, and thair demandit of Capitane Snadlye, taker of my said ship, for restitutioun of the samen ship and commodities quhilkis wes than thairintill, the ship and whole commodities being all spoyled, wraiked and gone, I onely resaved from him the number of ane hundreth pistollis, aughteine crownes and fourtie testanes extending to [...], swa thair resteth to me (this being allowed) the soume of [...]. As lykwayes I, the said James Hill, maister of the guid ship called the James of Queenisferrie, haveing my said ship of the burding of ane hundreth and fyiftie tunnes being decoired with sex gwnes and twa sling peeces lying in the moneth of [...] 1641 yeiris in the river of Chester in Ingland, sche wes thare arreisted and stayed be his majesties ordour, quhair she became altogither wrak throw long lying thair, being thrie dayes sunk under watter and hir thrie ankoris and cables loist and sunk thair be ressoun of sinking sandis. And I, understanding that his majestie wes graciouslie weill pleased to give ordour for restoiring of the haill Scottis shippes stayed and apprehended to the awneris thairof, with the haill loises and damnage susteined thairby, I than repaired to the Scottis commissioneris at Londoun for getting reparatioun and restitutioun of my said ship, quhilk the tyme of hir arresting with hir apparrelling wes estimat to ane thowsand pund sterling, they than ordayned me to repaire to Chester, thair to sell the said ship and to understand what might be gotten for hir as she wes; quhilk I then did and quhilk, inrespect she was wrak as said is, wes sold for twa hundreth pund sterling, quhilk became short of the pryce of the said ship that she wes valwed to befoir hir arresting be the soume of aught hundreth pund sterling, quhairin I am dampnified and lost; and that by and attour the loisis of my tyme and calling tending to the wraik of my self, my wyfe and childrine. Herefoir we maist humblie beseik your sacred majestie and estates of parliament for the favour of God to pittie our poore distrest estates, being headsmen and haveing our families now rowined throw our loises, that it wald pleis your majestie and estates to give ordour for payment to ws and ilk ane of ws of our severall loises and dampnages abonewrittine and to have consideratioun of the great loisis and skaith we have susteined sence the wanting of our shippis and guides throw the want of our calling and imployment for mantenance of ws and our poore families. And your majesties gracious answer humblie we beseik.

12 Novembris 1641

Red in audience of the nobilitie.

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  2. This clause is written on the rear of the document.