[Petition of Alexander Cunningham for reparation of his losses]

To the most honnorable lords and commissioners of parliament, the humble petition of Alexander Cuninghame of Craill.

The generous and noble deportment of your honnours in the mater of the covenant and this great worke and particular passages thairof following thereupon as it is famous abroad, so is it gracious at home to these especiallie who have givin proof of thair sinceritie in the bussines. All doe know the violence used of late yeeres in England and Ireland aganis our countriemen by pressing thame to give oaths prejudiciall to that great oath of the covenant, which made manie to shrink. And few ar ignorant of the danger and detriment which your petitioner hes susteaned by refusing of the saids oaths and constant opposing to all tentations of that nature, in so far as for this caus I have beene keiped prissounner in the fleet at Londoun under great miserie and hazard, oftin assaulted with all possible tentations to quite my covenant, be the space of eighteene moneths or thereby, during which time I have lost the benefite of my salt commoditie (wherein I did trade the time of my imprissonment), extending to the worth of ane hundreth pundis sterline, with fourescore ten punds sterline of necessary charges, and the losse of my calling during that space, amounting to twa hundreth punds sterline, by and attour fourtie punds sterline to the officers of the jayle, which is in all 430 lib. ster., for which I will be troubled if ever heerafter they sall deprehend me at London. These losis doe not so much greeve me as the gayne of a good conscience doeth glade me, yitt understanding that your honnors ar verie sensible of the subjects distresis of this kynd and carefull to remeid the same, and in regard thir sufferings doe much weaken if not threatten to ruine my meane estat,

May it thairfoir please your honnours to take my estat and condition with the nature and circumstances thairof to your grave and serious consideration, and so to cognosce and determine therein as by reparation of my losis (in the way to be found by your honnors) and such other testimonie of your honnorable estimation of my honest cariage in the mater foresaid I and all others may be encouraged ever heerafter to be constant in a good caus, as I sall ewer endeavour to be faithfull to the death in the points of my covenant, and heerin doe expect your honnorable answer.

A. Cunninghame

14 Augusti 1641

Red in audience of the parliament, who declairis that they find the desyre thairof just and reasonable and will take the same to thair consideratioune, that in dew tyme they may provyde ane course to give the supplicant reparatioune conforme to the desyre of the petitioune.

Burghly, I[n] p[raesentia] d[ominorum] parl[iamenti]

5 November 1641

Red in audience of his majestie and estaittis of parliament, who appointis the same to be gevin to the kingis advocat that he may delyver the same to the secretar to be presented to his majestie.2

Court at Holyroodehowse, the viijth November 1641.

His majestie, being made acquainted with this petition, is graciously pleased to referre the consideration thereof unto the high court of parliament of Scotland, who are to doe therein for the reliefe of the petitioner as to their wisdomes shall seeme fitt.3

xi November 1641

Red in audience of his majestie and estaittis of parliament, who refers the same and consideratione thairof to the committe underwritten, viz: Erle of Glencairne and Lord Lindesay for the nobilitie; the Lairdis of Lugtoune and Cambo for the baronis; the commissioners of Sanct Androis and Dumbartane for the borrowis.

Apud Edinburgh, decimo quinto Novembris anno 1641

These on the committy withinnamit finds the desyre of the petitioners supplicatione very reassonabile, and thinkis it most expedient that ane warrant be grantit to the commissers for saitisfieng the supplicant of the soumes of money withinspecifiit contenit in the supplicatione, and that of the first and readdiest monies in the saids commissers hands in respect of his necessity and long suffringis.

  • Glencairne
  • Thomas Myrtone of Cambo
  • J.4 Crichtoune
  • Lindesay
  • J Sempill
  • Jhonne Leapar5

16 Novembris 1641

This supplicatione, being moved to the kingis majestie and estaittis of parliament, and the same being taken to consideratione with the severall reports and delyverance, the king and parliament orders the sowme of 430 lib. sterlin to be payed to the supplicant for the said withinwrittin, conforme to the report.

Balmerino, I[n] p[raesentia] d[ominorum] parliamenti6

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