[Reasons for holding a public fast]

Causis of the publict fast to be keipit

1. The divisiounes and distractiones in this kingdome, the rebellioun in Ireland, the distresses of the Palatinat and of the reformed kirkis of Germanie, quhich tend to the incres of poperie, the ruyne of the reformed religioun and to the disturbance of the peace of the kingis majestie and his kingdomes.

2. In place of thankfulnes and zeale, our ingratitude for so great mercies as we have laitlie receaved, our many sinnes of all sorts witnessing our want of the love of God and our nichtbour, contrair to our late solemne oath and Nationall Covenant, and our deepe securitie and indispositioun in the most pairt to the exerceiss of pietie.

3. To pray the more earnestlie to God for a speedie and happie cloise of the parliamentis of both kingdomes, for the preservatioun of this kirk in the treuthe and the kingdomes in unitie under his majesties happie governement, to disapoynt all secreit conspiracies and oppin rebelliounes, and to blisse all the reformed kirkis with puritie of religioun and peace.

  1. Original not yet found. Source is APS, v, p.692.