[Supplication of the Earl of Crawford for release from his imprisonment]

To his sacred majestie,

The humble petitioun of Lodovick, earle Crawfurd, humblie showeth quhairas he hes bene detenit in close prissone this long tyme bygone to his great prejudice, and now having deponit all that he knoweth in quhat hes bene demandit of him so far as his best memorie did serve him, humblie desyreth that your sacred majestie will taik ordour for his releisment or utherways let him know quhat farder the parliament hes to say against him.

Your majesties humble petitioner humblie desyreth ane answer, Crafurd

2 November 1641

Red in audience of his majestie and parliament, who continewis to give answer thairto whill the morne.

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