[Supplication of the lieutenant colonels and majors of horse and foot for their arrears of pay]

To the kinges most excellent majestie and the most honorable estaitis of this present parliament,

We, the lewetenent collonelles and majors of hors and foote in the last Scotische armie, doe humblie schowe that quharas we, besydes our charge as lewetenent collonelles and majors, haid alsso our severall particular companies comittit to ws, and that in all armies quhatsomever officers of our conditioune hawe pay as captaines of ther particular companies by als gude right as ther pay for they charge in cheiff affoirsaid.

May it thairfoir pleas your most excellent majestie and most honorabill estaitis of this present parliament to tak to your gratious consideratioune the equitie and justice of our demands, and we doubt not bot wpon true informatioune it will not be denyed to ws that right whiche is universalie observed in all armies. And we as in dewtie bond sall pray etc.

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