[Supplication complaining of want of justice and that the lords of session refuse to pass bills]

To the kingis moist excellent majestie and honorabill estaitis of parliament, humblie shawing whearas it is havelie complainet upon and cryet furth by diverse his majesties guid and loyall subjectis haifing commoun negotiations and effairis to go about tendering the credeit and imploymentis, pairtlie craveing commoun lettres of horning, inhibitiones, arreistmentis and wther commoun effairis, wthers ar wnjustlie chairgit with lettres of horning and persewit befoir inferior judges and ar constrained to sute remeid in law be suspensiounes and advocationes, being the ordinar course of justice, or be graunting dispensatione for sitting of inferiour courtis, conforme to use and wont, the benefiet quhairof is laitlie denyed and refuissit to his hienes haill leidgis within this realme by the lordis of counsell and sessioun without ony knawin caus to his hienes leidgis; quhairthrow justice is now altogidder with haldin fra his majesties leidges, traffique, commerce and handling is altogidder liklie to dissolve and may infer a fearfull and dangerous preparitive gif remeid be not tymouslie provydit thairto.

Heirfoir besiekis moist sacred majestie and estaitis of parliament to haif considderation of the premisis and to tak sic summar and expedient course for remeid of the premisis as the equitie of the caus requyres.

  1. Original not yet found. Source is APS, v, p.675. See also A1641/8/75.